Meet Our Candidates

Statewide Offices

Judge Dan McCaffery

Supreme Court

Jill Beck, Esq.

Superior Court

Judge Timika Lane

Superior Court

Judge Matt Wolf

Commonwealth Court

County Commissioners

Jamila Winder

Montgomery County Commissioner

Neil Makhija

Montgomery County Commissioner

County Offices

Daniel Ronca, Esq.

Court of Common Pleas

Lori Schreiber

Clerk of Courts

Karen Sanchez, Esq.


Dr. Janine Darby


District Attorney Kevin Steele
Kevin Steele, Esq.

District Attorney

Prothonotary Noah Marlier
Noah Marlier, Esq.


Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg
Jeanne Sorg

Recorder of Deeds

Tina Lawson, Esq.

Register of Wills

Sheriff Sean Kilkenny
Sean Kilkenny, Esq.


Treasurer Jason Salus
Jason Salus